It is the end of Week Five now, and I am already feeling overwhelmed with the amount of content I need to learn. So far we have done a little bit of editing, some sound recording and shooting. I feel like I need to get my hands on the equipment during my own time to become familiar with operating them. There are lots of procedures to remember such as setting up a camera and using Premiere, which can only be remembered through practice. I may start borrowing gears from the tech-office at least once every two-weeks just to be familiar with them.

Now I know there are so many roles ones can take on in a production, I feel like I need to identify what I am good at and what I like doing, which may suggest a pathway for my future career. I understand that at this point, we need to know a little bit of everything. So that firstly, we get a general idea of how production works. And secondly, if we are to make any small projects ourselves now, we wouldn’t have the budget to recruit professionals and we need to do everything ourselves. However, I should start thinking about what I am better at from this point because being very good at everything is impossible. I can start writing short journals about the different activities we do to discover my interest field.

By the end of this semester, I expect myself being confident of working in a team to produce a small video or film project. I want to build my camera glossary with the explanation and principle of operation of each feature such as aperture and pixel (the two which are on my mind right now that I do not know). Also, I expect myself to know the use of lighting under different contexts in films.

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