2018 Wilsons Prom


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I haven’t made a noprovlog for ages. As soon as I have got time to get back to it, I decided to make this one with my friend Christine who is now living miles away from me (miss her <3).

We went to Wilsons Prom this June for two days. The view there was probably the most beautiful out of all the places I have ever been in Australia. Well I haven’t been to many but it’s’ definitely better than Grampians. It was about three to four hours drive away from Melbourne. Really quiet, peaceful and very well preserved.

This is the first vlog shot with my new cam and new editing platform. I am trying to switch from Premiere to Final Cut cuz my old little Macbook is just too slow for Premiere. I am still exploring Final Cut. And hopefully I will bring in new elements in my next no pro vlog.


2018 Jan Shanghai

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For people who don’t know me, I go back to my hometown Shanghai from Melbourne once a year. And because I only stay for a short time, I find even little things worth being noticed and remembered. And these casual daily events excite me.

I am going to continue with this [NoProVlog] cuz I want to remember these things and feelings. I am gonna say ‘stay tuned’ but I really don’t care if people watch it or read this.

I struggle with ending an article. Please excuse me.

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