2018 Jan Shanghai

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For people who don’t know me, I go back to my hometown Shanghai from Melbourne once a year. And because I only stay for a short time, I find even little things worth being noticed and remembered. And these casual daily events excite me.

I am going to continue with this [NoProVlog] cuz I want to remember these things and feelings. I am gonna say ‘stay tuned’ but I really don’t care if people watch it or read this.

I struggle with ending an article. Please excuse me.

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End of Course Reflection

This is finally the last post for this subject. I have to admit that I enjoyed this course very much except for the writing part. I will start by reflecting back on my goals and desires at the start of this semester first.

At the beginning of the course, I said I wanted to get my head around operating the equipment smoothly. I am really grateful that we have been doing a lot of shooting practices in class. And I have been doing some shooting outside class as well. I did realize during my mini-documentary shooting (which is my last project for this semester), that I can operate the basics very quickly and smoothly, including setting up tripods, white balance, exposure, focus and packing up.

I was overwhelmed with the number of roles one can take in the industry. From the past three months of learning and practicing, I feel like I enjoyed the editing process the most out of all. I would spend many hours editing and not being distracted. However, what I discovered about myself is that, I only enjoy editing with background music. My personal favourite out of all of my projects are the abstract edits and the poetic mini-documentary.  When I edit, I found it hard to determine the duration of each clip without background music. And I prefer hard cuts a lot more than diffusion between clips. But hard cuts would somehow seem unsmooth without the rhythm of the music. I think this is a big limitation of my editing style. But it can also be my specialisation. My plan next is to make some music video style short films and see if I can come up with any interesting projects.

I have been interested in Wes Anderson’s work recently. I am planning to finish watching his major works and make some Anderson inspired shots. I have realized that his style requires a lot of work in props and sets. I will try to find some symmetrical shots in real life for now and focus on color grading.

I have encountered a major issue regarding my time management this semester. Master course is way more demanding than I expected. I think I haven’t spent enough time in the course and I didn’t get as much as possible out of it. This is an issue which I will reflect in my personal blog post.

I said that I wanted to learn about lighting. I met an uber driver who had been working as a gaffer for more than 30 years. I asked him about how he would set up the lighting for a specific condition which I was working on and he said it really depends on a lot of factors such as where you want to position your interviewees, your background etc. I think lighting is a practical work. There is no universal rule.