As An Actress

RED ROSE, WHITE ROSE A Chinese play produced by Aotu Theatre Group (University of Melbourne). The play was written based on the novel ‘Red Rose, White Rose’ by famous Chinese writer, Eileen Chang. 2014 After playing a supporting role in Aotu’s previous production, I was chosen to play ‘the white rose’ in this play. My […]

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Individual Projects

HAIKU ABSTRACT A shot abstract clip which set my personal film and editing style. 2017 In this project, I experimented with audio layering. The sound design enriched the understanding of the random footage. The significance of this project was that I played around with Premiere regarding speed alteration, color grading, and sound layering. I think […]

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As A Director/ Producer

‘WANG HONG’ – CHINESE INTERNET CELEBRITIES A documentary featuring 7 Chinese internet celebrities which reveal their lifestyle and their response to public opinions of them. 2017   In this project, I worked as the director and producer. I had someone who co-directed with me. We found 7 Chinese internet celebrities living in Melbourne and interviewed […]

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As An Editor

GORDON A mini-documentary about Gordon Hickmott, a ceramic artist based in Melbourne 2018 Watch Full In project ‘Gordon’, I worked as the editor within a team of three. The director and producer both left the team due to personal reasons during pre-production. Then I sort of taking on the responsibility of storytelling through my editing. […]

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