A Chinese play produced by Aotu Theatre Group (University of Melbourne). The play was written based on the novel 'Red Rose, White Rose' by famous Chinese writer, Eileen Chang.

After playing a supporting role in Aotu’s previous production, I was chosen to play ‘the white rose’ in this play. My experience with this play was significant to me which made me interested in theatre productions. It was my first time to involve in a stage performance as an actress really. I did three months of actors training and witnessed the process of making a theatre production from scratch. I learned from the director a lot about acting training and how to communicate with the other teams.



Two Chinese short films produced by Monsing Production.
2015 & 2017


I acted in these productions during my Bachelor years. The production team only had three members, the director, the cameraman and the sound crew (also the editor). The experience offered me a basic idea of how screen productions are made, which contributed to my decision of learning media later on.


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