A mini-documentary about Gordon Hickmott, a ceramic artist based in Melbourne

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In project ‘Gordon’, I worked as the editor within a team of three. The director and producer both left the team due to personal reasons during pre-production. Then I sort of taking on the responsibility of storytelling through my editing. I have a strong personal editing style where the sound design takes a big part in matching up or manipulating the visual elements (demonstrated in my individual project ‘Haiku Abstract’). However, my editing style brings too much attention to the background music and distracts the viewers from the voiceover. I did some research in modern mini-documentaries and adapted their editing techniques such as linking the keywords in the voiceover to the picture and having a logical order of the clips (i.e., locations, time of the day) as the story flows.



A pilot episode for a fictional web series. The story is about a girl taking pills to travel back in time to change her past decisions.

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In project ‘Backup Pills’, the director wanted ‘The Office’ style which uses many hardcuts. The challenge in editing was to minimise the continuity problem which we neglected during shooting. Also, the director’s original storyboard seemed a bit draggy when it was presented on screen. So I discussed with the director cut out some repetitive scenes in the end.


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